Using I2P outproxy

You can use I2P to visit regular sites.

Start I2P

Open MENU -> I2P Settings and enable HTTP outproxy

Make sure you are using http://bc437iyumrwoo242dtdjenosvnqgs4svzxo2eq5iehk6vzezw3qa.b32.i2p:8889 or http://false.i2p outproxy address.

You should use applications with Proxy option, such us Firefox.

network.proxy.http -> -> 4444

network.proxy.ssl -> -> 4444;

network.proxy.type -> 1;

Wait at least 10 minutes and check your browser’s internet connection.

You can see that you are visiting a regular site using I2P. You are actually using the chain I2P -> Outproxy -> Tor -> regular Internet.

You can also use outproxy for Telegram.

Thanks to the volunteers for the availability of using I2P outproxy!