About project

Once, while reading my favorite forum, I came across a curious way to bypass site blocking for android. It uses Tor and requires some command line knowledge. It seemed interesting to me, and after a couple of days the necessary scripts were written, and the method itself was improved to use DNSCrypt.

Tests have shown that using Tor with DNSCrypt does an excellent job. Tor successfully bypasses IP blocking for selected sites, and DNSCrypt prevents the provider from spoofing DNS queries. Of course, you could use Tor DNS. But DNSCrypt has several advantages – it works very quickly, and also provides a list of servers to block tracking and dangerous sites.

Using scripts and the command line was quite inconvenient. To find out why the site does not open. Or change the configuration of Tor, DNSCrypt, it took a lot of unnecessary actions, in my opinion.

It just so happened that I was just finishing learning programming for android. And so the idea came up to write InviZible Pro.

Over time, Purple I2P functionality joined the project. And InviZible Pro itself, from a simple program to bypass locks, has turned into a comprehensive application.  Which can be used to ensure privacy and anonymity, bypass content blocking and prevent tracking.

InviZible Pro is useful, for example, for journalists who are very interested in anonymity. Businessmen who need privacy. Residents of countries where access to certain Internet resources is limited. And also to any person with an Android television set-top box, to watch their favorite movies around the world.

The beta versions of InviZible Pro are tirelessly tested by hundreds of users, for which I am very grateful. And the application is constantly being improved and supplemented with new features.