InviZible Project Support

If you liked InviZible Pro, if you want the project to develop further, your support is needed.

Funds will be spent on the further development of InviZible Pro , as well as the content of the site. There are many more ideas to implement that take up all my time. The development and fate of the project depends only on you.

Support is completely voluntary. However, in gratitude you can get a special premium version of InviZible Pro .

The difference between the premium version of InviZible Pro and InviZible Pro lite:

  • Automatic Updates – Use the latest versions of InviZible Pro, and its modules such as DNSCrypt , Tor, and Purple I2P.
  • Absence of reminder about the need to support the project.
  • Priority technical advice.

How to get the premium version of InviZible Pro.

  • Go to Downloads and download the InviZible Pro lite version.
  • Install it and make sure the application works correctly on your device.
  • Make a donation in any way convenient for you.
  • Go to the Feedback page or send an email to with the amount and time of transfer.
  • If the premium code is not received within 24 hours, please contact me at Telegram.
  • The code can be used to activate 3 copies of InviZible Pro, for 3 devices for example.
  • Enter the received code into the form that appears when you run InviZible Pro lite .
  • If the code is correct, InviZible Pro lite will upgrade to InviZible Pro premium .
  • If it says that the update server is unavailable, try to Start Tor in the InviZible Pro or use any VPN. Some ISP may block the update server.
  • InviZible Pro premium version costs $5. However, any amount of donation may decide the fate of the project.

By making a donation you agree to the terms.

If you paid for the Premium version of InviZible Pro on Google Play, you can get the activation code for InviZible Pro Lite for FREE. You just need to send to payment details.

Send a donation directly to via PayPal.








Please note that the XMR address has changed. The old address is no longer valid.


LTC: MUSAXkcAvnN1Ytauzeo9bwjVjarUdDHGgk

BCH: qzl4w4ahh7na2z23056qawwdyuclkgty5gc4q8tw88

ETH: 0xdA1Dd53FE6501140E3Dcd5134323dfccF20aD536