Voluntary Donation Public Offer Agreement

1. The Subject of the Agreement

Under this agreement, the Donor transfers his own funds to the Beneficiary (administration of the invizible.net website) as a voluntary donation, and the Beneficiary accepts the donation and uses it to carry out activities in accordance with paragraph 3 of this Agreement.

2. Conclusion of a contract

The moment of conclusion of the Agreement and its entry into force shall be considered the moment of receipt of funds transferred by the Donor to the Beneficiary’s account as a donation. This Agreement is valid until the parties completely fulfill their obligations and can be renewed again an unlimited number of times by the next transfer of a voluntary donation by the Donor.

3. The purpose of charity

Support for our project is completely voluntary. Thus, you stimulate its further development and technical support, as well as giving us the opportunity to pay for hosting, domain name and other expenses associated with ensuring the life of the project. As a thank you, to the users who supported our project, we provide enhanced access to various functions, the list of which may change or supplement over time.

4. Donation

The donor makes voluntary donations by transferring funds by any payment method specified on the invizible.net website under the terms of this Agreement.

5. Other conditions

In the event of disputes and disagreements between the Parties under this agreement, they will be resolved if possible through negotiations.

6. Contact Information

With all questions regarding payment, the operation of the site and applications – please contact via email –  invizible.soft@gmail.com