Using InviZible alongside with VPN

For InviZible in VPN mode only!

InviZible can be used alongside with VPN. In this case, you have the flexibility to choose which apps and sites use Tor, which apps and sites use a VPN, and which apps connect directly to the Internet.

For this scheme, you should use a VPN with the option to disable “VPN” and only use a proxy.

One of them is ShadowSocks VPN

Configure VPN to only act as a proxy

MENU -> Profiles -> Service mode -> Proxy only; SOCKS5 proxy port -> 1080

Activate ShadowSocks

Configure InviZible to use ShadowSocks proxy

  • MENU -> Common Settings -> Use socks5 proxy -> Proxy server:; Proxy port:1080
  • All apps you have selected as excluded will not use Tor and Proxy!
  • Use Exclude Applications to exclude at least ShadowSocks VPN, otherwise, it won’t work!
  • Press Save and enable

Now you can start the required InviZible modules.

If you have started Purple I2P, all applications can access I2P sites. If you have started Tor, all applications can access the Tor onion sites.

You can choose which sites and applications should use or bypass Tor: passes through Tor:

Apps and sites that don’t use Tor are starting to use VPN! passes through VPN:

You can also select applications that pass no through Tor no through VPN: passes directly to the Internet:

Regardless of the above settings, all applications are protected by DNSCrypt if it is running.

In the screenshots above, you can see that detects DNSCrypt DNS every time.