How to check if the app is working correctly

You must use secure browsers with InviZible Pro. Otherwise, the result may not be very good. One of them is Fennec.

It is better to disable WebRTC in Fennec. It can leak your IP even if you use Tor or VPN.

Type about:config in the search bar. Then find the variable media.peerconnection.enabled and change it to false.

You should open a personal tab in your browser for each test. Otherwise, the results may be incorrect.

There are many sites where you can test InviZble Pro. But personally, I like

Follow the link and you will see your IP address, ISP name, and the DNS addresses that are used by your browser. It can be your provider’s DNS or Google’s DNS as usual.

Open InviZible Pro, check all three checkboxes and press the START button. Wait until you see the InviZible’s DNSCrypt, Tor, and I2P modules Running.

Open private tab in your browser and follow the link

If InviZible is working correctly, you will see that your IP, ISP name and DNS are changed.

To check Tor hidden services in Fennec, you should enable “onion” sites in browser settings. Type about:config in the search bar. Then find the variable network.dns.blockDotOnion and change it to false.

Follow the link http://wikitjerrta4qgz4.onion/ to the uncensored hidden wiki.

You should wait at least 10 minutes after starting I2P to visit Invisible Internet (“i2p” sites).

Follow the link http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/ to visit the official I2P site in uncensored hidden network Invisible Internet.

You should know that InviZible actually uses Purple I2P. It is a full-featured C++ implementation of the official I2P client, which is written on Java.