Adding new bridges

There are several ways to get new bridges.

You can:

In any case, you should get bridges like these:

Here are your bridges:

  obfs4 2563C0683242FDA2A620821B35BA00182A11CE67 cert=xelYkjVTY45G72AJqSZENWOpJQvt09/qtB0y92ipK2LChMWHClfYGpIzjJqR4JTh32iwAA iat-mode=0
  obfs4 2888A5454854B4749137C6AC1DF4A83FA8437689 cert=nuzMHDHn5pogBp59CknCjdaoIxSJKpJkQEubJTX1vbwllMG8uNuAV23D6102LQ8C3gXnDQ iat-mode=0

Once you’ve received bridges, you can continue the configuration steps outlined below.

Copy bridges to clipboard

Open MENU -> Fast Settings -> Bridges

Press button Add Bridges

Press OK

You can see the new bridges in the section “Use Bridges Own List”

You can now activate them for use with Tor