VPN over Tor (Proxy mode)

For InviZible in Proxy mode!

InviZible and its Tor module can be used for VPN over Tor.

In this case, Internet traffic first passes through the Tor network and then through the VPN to its destination.

A VPN with a proxy option should be used for this scheme.

One of them is Psiphon

Start Tor in Proxy mode:

Configure VPN to use Tor HTTP Proxy:

Options -> Proxy settings -> Connect through an HTTP Proxy; Host Address:; Port 8118

Exclude InviZible in VPN settings:

Options -> VPN settings -> Don’t tunnel selected apps -> Select apps

Benefits of using VPN over Tor:

  • The sites you visit will never know that you are using Tor, so you will not see the annoying ReCaptcha or that you have a suspicious IP address and the site is blocking it.
  • Internet traffic that passes through Tor is encrypted with a VPN. No one Tor server knows which sites you are visiting.
  • You can additionally use Tor bridges with VPN over Tor to improve your privacy and anonymity.

Disadvantages of using VPN over Tor:

  • The VPN service can see your unencrypted traffic, so the VPN needs to be truly trustworthy. Otherwise, you will lose the privacy and anonymity that Tor provides. Also, untrusted VPNs can perform MITM attacks.
  • The Tor exit node is constantly connected to the same VPN server. This will make it easier to de-anonymize you.
  • It is not easy to use other InviZible modules (DNSCrypt, Purple I2P) in proxy mode.

You can read what the Tor developers think of VPN over Tor: You -> Tor -> VPN/SSH