Tor over VPN

For InviZible in VPN mode only!

InviZible and its modules (Tor, DNSCrypt, Purple I2P) can be used with VPN in various combinations. One of them is Tor over VPN.

In this case, Internet traffic goes first through the VPN and then through the Tor network to the destination site.

For this scheme, you should use a VPN with the option to disable “VPN” and only use a proxy.

One of them is ShadowSocks VPN

Configure VPN to only act as a proxy

MENU -> Settings -> Service mode -> Proxy only; SOCKS5 proxy port -> 1080

Activate ShadowSocks

Configure InviZible to use ShadowSocks proxy

  • MENU -> Common Settings -> Use socks5 proxy -> Proxy server:; Proxy port:1080
  • All apps you have selected as excluded will not use Tor and Proxy!
  • Use Exclude Applications to exclude at least ShadowSocks VPN, otherwise, it won’t work!
  • Check Use proxy for Tor for “Tor over VPN” scheme
  • Press Save and enable

You can also activate Use proxy for DNSCrypt and/or Use proxy for Purple I2P for DNSCrypt over VPN and I2P over VPN respectively. But these schemes may be unstable and provide little benefit.

All applications and sites that have been added to Fast Settings -> Exclude Applications; Exclude WebSites will use proxy only and therefore ShadowSocks! So you can use Tor, DNSCrypt, Purple I2P, and Shadowsocks together!

You can flexibly configure which application uses Tor, which uses ShadowSocks, and which uses only DNSCrypt DNS and connects directly to the Internet!

Benefits of using Tor over VPN

  • The ISP will never know that you are using Tor. It’s even better than using Tor bridges.
  • You can use Tor in countries where Tor doesn’t even work with bridges, but a VPN can work.
  • You can use almost all untrusted VPNs because a VPN can only see your IP address and Tor encrypted traffic, but not the sites you visit.
  • The Tor entry node (or Tor bridge) will never see your real IP address because it can only see the IP address of the VPN server.
  • You can additionally use Tor bridges with Tor over VPN to improve your privacy and anonymity.

You can read what the Tor developers think of Tor over VPN You -> VPN/SSH -> Tor