Run Modules With Root option

“Run Modules with Root” option is disabled by default. What does it mean?

DNSCrypt, Tor, and Purple I2P in fact are completely separate applications that InviZible uses as modules. There are two ways to start them on an Android rooted device.

The first way is to run modules with root privileges. Modules are running with UID 0. Usually android never kills applications with UID 0. Thus, a notification is not required to prevent modules are being killed by the android system. You can activate the “Run Modules with Root” option if don’t like the notification.

The second way is to run modules with common privileges for android applications. This is the only method that can be used with a non-rooted device. Special android service is required for this purpose. Notification is used to prevent the service is being killed by the android. But this is the preferred mode because it is allowed to block UID 0 access to the internet in most devices with AFWall+.

With UID 0 blocked, you should start InviZible modules AFTER AfWall+ has applied its rules. This is necessary to allow UID 0 access to DNS, otherwise DNS queries will not work for the entire device.

Do not enable Run modules with Root if you do not know exactly why you need it! Enabling this option usually provides no benefit other than notification absence. However, the modules remain in an unmanaged state, which can cause internet connection problems! Also, when this option is enabled, many other InviZible Pro features do not work.