Quick Guide in Pictures (VPN mode, Root mode)

To encrypt DNS, click:

You can choose different servers with different capabilities. For example, some servers block “adult sites”. AD-Filtering – phishing and malware protection, ad blocking*.

Also you can enable Anonimize Relays to use DNSCrypt servers anonymously.

By default, if Tor is running, everything opens through it.

This is the best choice for privacy. But if you need to open only some sites or applications through Tor, turn off “Route All traffic through Tor” and add the necessary sites (only Root mode) or applications:

Do not add too many sites. Only necessary. Preferably no more than a dozen or two. The reason is the limitation of the android.

Start Tor:

Wait for Tor to display “Tor Running”.

Now we have Tor + DNSCrypt running, DNS queries are protected and selected sites are opened using Tor. Blocks bypassed. All other sites open directly, and there are no delays. You can also visit Dark Net onion sites from any browser.

If you need access to the Invizible Internet, these are I2P sites, just click:

It should wait a while until I2P connects to the I2P P2P network, and get access to the I2P sites and services from any browser.

To start everything after a reboot, activate these switches:

That’s the whole setup. Nothing complicated. Anyone who needs deeper tuning will find everything they need in the corresponding menu items.

*Ad blocking not available for Google Play version.