Operation Modes


InviZible can be used with rooted device in “root mode”“VPN mode” or “proxy mode”.

InviZible can be used with device that has no root access, both in “VPN mode” or “proxy mode”.

Root mode uses iptables to redirect internet traffic to InviZible modules such as DNSCrypt, Tor and Purple I2P. Also, using iptables can prevent unwanted data leakage. With “root mode” you can use InviZible for entire device or for individual applications, or even for individual IP addresses.

VPN mode uses local VPN to redirect internet traffic to InviZible. For android LOLLIPOP and above.

Proxy mode does not use iptables or local VPN, so you should use applications with proxy support, such as the Firefox browser or Telegram messenger, to redirect internet traffic from these applications to InviZible modules. Or you can use applications that can create their own local VPN tunnel to redirect all of the device’s internet traffic to InviZible modules. Here are a few applications: NetGuard firewall, personalDNSfilter DNS filter proxy.