For InviZible in VPN mode only!

  • Allow connections to local network, onion and i2p sites
  • Allow connections in WiFi networks
  • Allow connections in GSM networks
  • Allow connections while roaming
  • Select all
  • Unselect all

You can use the InviZible Pro firewall to allow or block Internet connections for applications. You can control Internet access for both user and system applications. But be careful when blocking the internet for system apps. Some of them are critical to the device.

In most cases, you should allow Internet access for DNS (UID 1051). In some cases, you also need to allow internet access for Kernel, Root (UID 0), NetworkStack (UID 1073). Otherwise, the Internet will be blocked for the entire device.

Some system applications can use each other’s internet connection. Also, most user applications use the system Download Manager to download files. Therefore, when some application stops working with the firewall enabled, check if the connection is allowed not only for the selected application, but also for the required system applications. Feel free to experiment.

Green means the application is allowed to connect to the Internet, white means it is blocked.

The firewall only works when DNSCrypt and/or Tor are running.