Android application for on-line privacy and security

Preserves privacy, prevents tracking, and provides access to restricted and hidden online content

InviZible Pro combines the strengths of TorDNSCrypt, and Purple I2P to provide a comprehensive solution for online privacy, security, and anonymity.

Tor :

  • Hides user’s identity and location
  • Defends against traffic analysis and censorship
  • Protects online activities from surveillance
  • Routes traffic through multiple servers
  • Provides access to “onion” websites (dark net)
  • Open-source


  • Secures DNS traffic with encryption
  • Verifies DNS server legitimacy using cryptographic keys
  • Shields against DNS-based attacks like spoofing
  • Guards against eavesdropping and DNS query logging
  • Can block ads *
  • Can protect against dangerous and malicious sites *
  • Can block “adult” sites *
  • Open-source
*Depending on the selected dnscrypt server (Not available in Google Play version!)

Purple I2P:

  • Provides anonymous communication network
  • Conceals users’ identities and activities
  • Defends against surveillance
  • Ensures secure data transmission
  • Distributed and self-organizing network
  • Provides access to “i2p” websites (deep web)
  • Open-source

Firewall is a security feature that helps protect your device from unauthorized access and potential threats. It acts as a filter for incoming and outgoing network traffic, allowing you to control which apps can access the internet. By setting up firewall rules, you can choose to block or allow internet connection for individual apps. This helps enhance your privacy and security by preventing unauthorized communication and protecting your data while using your phone.

To start using InviZible Pro, all you need is any Android phone. Just run all three modules and enjoy safe and comfortable internet surfing. However, if you want to get full control over the application and your internet connection – no problem! Provided access to a large number of both simple and professional settings. You can flexibly configure InviZible Pro itself, as well as its modules – TorDNSCrypt, Purple I2P and Firewall to satisfy the most non-standard requirements.

InviZible Pro is an all-in-one application. After installation, you can remove all of your VPN applications and ad blockers. In most cases, InviZible Pro works better, more stable, faster than free VPNs. It does not contain ads, bloatware code and does not spy upon the users.

Why InviZible Pro is better than other similar applications:

  • Privacy Protection: Guards your online activities.
  • Anonymous Browsing: Conceals your identity.
  • Secure DNS Encryption: Protects your DNS queries.
  • Anonymity Network Integration: Utilizes Tor, DNSCrypt, and Purple I2P.
  • Firewall: Safeguards against unauthorized access.
  • Access to Restricted Content: Unblocks blocked websites.
  • Anti-Tracking Measures: Prevents tracking of your online behavior.
  • Hidden Network Access: Connects to “onion” and “i2p” websites (dark net).
  • Open-Source: Transparent and community-driven.
  • User-Friendly Design: Simple and intuitive interface.

Telegram channel: InviZiblePro

Telegram group: InviZiblePro_Group

You can help other Tor and InviZible Pro users to feel internet freedom. Activate the switch below to use your browser as a Snowflake proxy for Tor. Your browser will act as a proxy as long as you are viewing a page with the snowflake badge and the switch is active. Use it only if you have unlimited internet access.